2016 AIFF Kick-Off Program @ The Rose Kennedy Greenway has been canceled for next Wednesday

The Arlington International Film Festival (AIFF), now in its 6th year, is committed to building vibrant partnerships with organizations, businesses, educational, arts and cultural institutions in New England, fostering an appreciation for different cultures while engaging communities through the art of film. This year’s Festival KICK-OFF, a collaboration with The Rose Kennedy Greenway, is the screening of a special program of international shorts. We hope you join us for the evening Wednesday, September 28 th 7:00 pm in Dewey Square, Boston!


International Shorts Program

Sensorium (5 min) / Perpetual Motion (5 min)

Karen Aqua, Director | Ken Field, Composer | 2007 | Experimental Animation | USA

Sensorium, a hand-drawn experimental animation exploring the relationship between music and image.

Perpetual Motion celebrates the cyclical nature of time and the symbols and rites which have been created to mark and honor its passage.

Wedding Cake (9 min)

Viola Baier, Director | 2013 | Animation | Germany

Two marzipan figures come to life on top of a wedding cake and begin to sculpt the perfect marriage out of cake icing. As time passes this perfect marriage is hijacked.  

The Baby (15 min)

Ali Asgari, Director | 2014 | Narrative | Iran/Italy

Official Selection of the Venice Film Festival

Stress mounts as Narges and her friend have just a few hours to find someone to take care of her baby for a few days as her parents are paying an unexpected visit. 

Mee (4 min)

Letty Felgendreher, Director | 2014 | Animation | Germany

A special story of an international adoption.

Fallt (3 min)

C. Whitehead, Director | 2014 | Animation | USA

A farmer struggles to keep his land when Mr. Fallt’s fault finding goes too far. Gravity must be found and a judge must question his judgment. A humorous commentary on the law.

Yo Presidenta (18 min)

Arantxa Echevarria, Director | 2015 | Narrative | Spain

A comedic parody on the social issues of our time. Chaos reigns as elections take place in Europe…they need to elect a leader quickly. Through a psychological study, it is determined

that the most gifted to lead the nation is a person who has the most friends on Facebook.

The Missing Scarf (7min)

Eoin Duf, Director | 2013 | Animation | Ireland

A black comedy exploring some of the life’s common fears…of the unknown, failure, rejection and finally the fear of death. Narrated by George Takei and short listed for the 2014 Oscar Short Animation award. 

O Atelier (14 min)

Edgar Duvivier, Director | 2014 | Narrative | Brazil

A witty narrative about art…the value, legitimacy, creativity, ethics and appropriation of art. The creative experience meets the temptation of fraud.