AIFF: Honor Jasper Hamilton | NEW Blood

Dear Investor and members of the community.

We as organizers of the Arlington International Film Festival are inviting you to help and support the new generation fo filmmakers

Hamilton Productions, a motion picture development company, would like to introduce you to the world of feature filmmaking.

At Hamilton Productions, we specialize in bringing together investors to participate in the development and financing of Boston made motion pictures. Until recently, the industry has been controlled by the major studios, making investment opportunities in individual films generally unavailable to the public. But due to the increased demand for American made films worldwide and the development of new markets including network, pay and cable television, as well as the ever expanding streaming market, there is a tremendous shortfall of quality product. The growth of all these markets has created a demand, which cannot be met by the studios alone. These major studios and distribution companies now rely on independently financed films to fill this void.

Although the major studios have large budgets, many have had a careless attitude towards spending which has resulted in budget waste and cost overruns. "Bigger" is not always "better". Facts show that an independent film can be produced for far less than the millions of dollars big studios spend without sacrificing quality production values. This is possible today when new production technology is coupled with a no frills, back to basics business attitude. We believe this business methodology creates an investment that is second to none. Hamilton Productions welcomes you to the exciting world of feature length films. As an investor, you will have the opportunity to take part in this highly unique investment vehicle, which may have unlimited profit potential. We invite you to review our latest project described on the following pages.


Jasper Hamilton,


Contributions and donations are welcome



This memorandum describes the formation and operation of a limited partnership to engage in the business of motion picture production and financing.

The contents of this memorandum are confidential and are disclosed pursuant to a confidential relationship and may not be reproduced or otherwise used except for the purpose intended herein.

The partnership interests described in this memorandum will not be registered under the Securities and Exchange Act of 1933 or any local securities law and are described as for investment only and not with a view to resale or distribution.

The purchase of partnership interests described herein entails a high degree of risk and is suitable for purchase only by those who are qualified investors who can afford a total loss of their investment. Further, risk factors as contained in this memorandum (which does not include all possible factors) should be carefully evaluated by each prospective purchaser of a limited partnership interest herein.

The contents of this memorandum are not to be construed by any prospective purchaser of a limited partnership interest as business, legal, or tax advice and each such prospective purchaser will be required to demonstrate that he has the ability to evaluate the purchase of the limited partnership interests described herein or has retained the services of a representative who has such knowledge and expertise as may be necessary to evaluate purchase.

This memorandum is neither an offer to sell nor a prospectus, but is informational in nature.