Nuno de Sá Pessoa Costa Sequeira


Nuno de Sá Pessoa Costa Sequeira was born on May 7, 1987 in Lisbon, Portugal,

Nuno began his studies at Universidade Moderna Lisboa enrolling in the Cinema and Television course, determined to expand his horizons he went to Denmark where he graduated from The European Film College, upon graduation he went back to Portugal, where he directed his first independent work. Two feature length documentaries followed, in which he did both cinematography and editing, the latest took him for more than once to California where he edited a total of three feature length documentaries directed by Kenneth Payton.

It was also in California that he did the cinematography for a documentary series, a project which got him to know the state as few have a chance to. He eventually invited his former colleagues Kris Skovmand and Samuel Anderson to move to Portugal from their native countries, Denmark and USA respectively, and together founded Skookum Films.