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Sunday, November 4, 1:44 PM | Int'l Shorts Program IV

  • Capitol Theatre 204 Massachusetts Avenue Arlington, MA, 02474 United States (map)

International Shorts Program IV (94 min)


Victor E.D. Somoza | Spain | Nar | USA Premiere

As they do every afternoon Encarna and Rosario meet up to have churros for an afternoon snack in their neighborhood café. However, today is a special day with a dramatic change in their usual conversation.


Akira Kamiki | Brazil | Nar

Afterglow is a sensorial movie about repeatedly having to find the joy of living again. It is the story of a gay couple, one partner suffers with depression. It fully embraces the toll depression takes on an individual as well as a relationship.


Markus Kaatsch | Switzerland | Nar | USA Premiere

Farrukh is in a family awaiting transit to England. The young man works for his father but carries a secret. He is a Bacha Posh (a girl disguised as a young man).


Travis Wood | USA | Nar | USA Premiere

What happens when four vegans’ roommates encounter a greaassssyyyy meatball sub...


Konstantin Fam | Russia | Nar | USA Premiere | BEST NARRATIVE SHORT

The film entirely revolves around a unique musical instrument. It’s a story about the amazing fate of a violin that survives all the horrors of the war. The tale begins in a violin workshop where, at the beginning of the 20th century, a violin is created, designed as a gift for a Jewish boy, and ends after many years with a concert at the Wailing Wall.

Awards: The award of the name of Vera Glagoleva, Special