SATURDAY | November 9 | 12:00 PM - 2019

Voices of the Youth: Changing the World through Film

The Arlington International Film Festival is pleased to announce its official program for the 9th edition of the High School Program.
November 7 – 10, 2019 at the Capitol Theatre East Arlington | 204 Mass AVe  



Amiri Scrutchin | Highlands, TX | Animation | New England Premiere

This stylized anime-inspired story, conceived because of his love for sports and intense action is a visually stunning scene of an otherwise normal everyday event-- a basketball game.


Sami Dowd | Swampscott, MA | DOC | Boston premiere

A student reflects on being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and how that impacts her life as a high school student.


Noah Semeria | Chicago, Illinois | EXP | New England Premiere

A film that highlights beauty, motion, and life experiences that encourage our awakening in order to live a more fulfilling life!


Sama Muhammad | Wide Angle Youth Media, Baltimore, MD | NAR | Boston Premiere

A personal story on the theme of ‘why black lives matter’.


Katherine Franklin | Miami, FL | EXP | Boston Premiere

While being followed, a girl becomes trapped in an alternate dimension and needs to find her way out.


Zackery Echevarria, A'mya Celenia McKnight, and Nerissa Wright

Maysles Documentary Center, NYC, NY | DOC | Boston Premiere

Interviews with New York City locals reveal both the large and small-scale effects of gentrification.


Stephen Han and Sebastian Paulino | Maysles Documentary Center, NYC, NY | DOC | Boston Premiere

An investigation of the negative representation of women in superhero movies.

SOCIAL CINEMA (10 MIN)                     

Carolina Sánchez | Spain | DOC | USA Premiere

Aspects of everyday life, which unlikely, are not addressed enough. Natural and realistic, the focus is on bullying, paraplegics, homosexuality, and the problem with refugees. 

A wake up call poster.jpg

A WAKE-UP CALL (12 MIN)         

Alex Dekelbaum | Dallas, TX | NAR | Boston Premiere

Mallory lives a pretty normal life. However, she is keeping one family secret. When receiving a familiar phone call during a party, her toxic home life is finally revealed.


Louisa Baldwin | Austin, TX | NAR | Boston Premiere

A reflective film about a gay teenage girl experiencing falling in and out of love for the first time.



Kayla Jorgensen | Hyannis, MA | NAR | Boston Premiere

A short film adapted from a poem about a teenage girl struggling with an eating disorder.

Oh Sugar!.png


Bryan Guzman | Light House Studio, Charlottesville, VA | Animation | Boston Premiere

A Kit Kat goes on an adventure!

HOW TO BE 18 (4 MIN)

Tünde Paule| Natick, MA | NAR | Boston Premiere

18, the age of legal adulthood! But no one told me how to be ‘an adult’ so I had to figure it out for myself.



Aidin Flores and Adianet Lopez | Florida Film Institute, Miami, FL | NAR | New England Premiere

When the mind is surrounded by negative thoughts and painful memories it will try to comfort itself. Primo, an imaginary friend or foe?

Differential Equations.png


Luciana Kerner Matos, Abby Lyons, Serena Loomba, Sam Snoddy, Bryan Guzman

Light House Studio, Charlottesville, VA | NAR | Boston Premiere

An eccentric substitute teacher challenges students' views on life.

Civil Discourse_ by Hunter Wanger (1).png


Hunter Wanger | Raw Art works, Lynn, MA | DOC/EXP

A filmmaker travels 0.5 miles from home to ask people their thoughts on how to make political discussion in America more civil and less violent.


MARGO (4 MIN)              

Amelia Maxham, Libby Slaughter, Ben Clark, Summers Worthington, Johnny Krosby-Groner, Jhael J. Rasheed, Victoria Stiefvater, Conrad Heins, Nicholas Tennery, Jago Gould

Light House Studio, Charlottesville, VA | Animation | Boston Premiere

A young man stuck in a mundane job daydreams of a woman named Margo.


Brooke Anderson, Brandon Armstrong, Tayla Brown Marc, Cruise Joelle Faison, Madison Hall, Michelle Hill Justin, Marine Israel, McNeil Ade, Ogunshina Eva, Ojekwe Lily Pretyl, Gregory Smith, Ayanna White Wide Angle Youth Media, Baltimore, MD | NAR | Boston Premiere

Portrait of the layers of Black LGBTQ identity in a film that advocates for acceptance from their community.

A-N-N-A (10 MIN)

Meagan Lewis | Florida Film Institute, Miami, FL | NAR | New England Premiere

In this romantic comedy an awkward teenage boy takes great and often embarrassing measures to catch the attention of a girl in a library but must avoid being thrown out by the strict librarian.

Piece of Mind by Noel Picardo.png


Noel Pichardo | Raw Art Works, Lynn, MA | EXP

A film about the parallels between dance and imagery.

Changing the Narrative.png


Christian Means, Deonte Johnson, JaQuavion Gaines, Juliani Robinson

Light House Studio, Charlottesville, VA | DOC | Boston Premiere

Exploring life experiences of the Black man; their advice for young men.

SATURDAY | November 3 | 12:00 PM

AIFF a bridge, through the art of film, to encourage international awareness and understanding as promoted by young people!

The Arlington International Film Festival (AIFF) through its Student Filmmaker’s Program, seeks to honor what young filmmakers, 18 and younger, are bringing to the screen with their agility of mind, inventiveness, and passionate idealism. Through the medium of film, we are seeing students take stock of the diverse array of social issues here and around the world and mobilizing to illuminate and act upon the interconnections we share. AIFF is pleased to provide a platform for these young filmmakers to speak out, communicate and forge alliances rooted in mutual respect, while synthesizing different experiences and points of view. Through the screening of these films, we encourage young filmmakers to share their vision and perhaps encourage the creation of a better tomorrow.

COME… support the STUDENT FILMMAKER’S PROGRAM and enjoy the creativity of film-making!

2018 AIFF Student Filmmaker’s Program

SPEAK TO ME (18 min) | RULE Boston Camera AWARD | SPEAK TO ME | Nicolas Thilo-McGovern

Nicolas Thilo-McGovern | Cambridge MA | Nar |WORLD PREMIERE 

Sam was once a bestselling author. His fiancée Mia is getting promoted at her job as Sam hits a writer’s block. In an act of desperation, he stops taking his medication and is left to fixate on the question, ‘what is more important, love and his relationship with his fiancé or success’?


CALAVERA (6 min)

Adele Rankin | Austin Texas | Thriller| WORLD PREMIERE

A young woman purchases a mysterious book at a yard sale but gets more than she bargained for.

Trejur -poster.jpg


Thomas Kim | Concord MA | Animation | WORLD PREMIERE

A modern woman remembers her wretched, toy-giving grandmother in this dark, hand-made, fantasy, stop motion animation. Trejur (pronounced "treasure") is a story that questions how desperation can transform us into something we never thought ourselves to be. 


Emily Steinbomer | Austin TX | Nar | WORLD PREMIERE

A film about unhealthy relationships and the toll they take on the body and the self.

UNDOCUMENTARY (11 min) | MICROSOFT | UNDOCUMENTARY | Karla Cortes | Somerville MA

Karla Cortes | Somerville MA | Doc | SCATV YOUTH PROGRAM | WORLD PREMIERE

A discussion on endangered DACA and TPS programs and how the lives of many undocumented people now hang in the balance. 

PALEHOUND “If You Met Her" (5 min)

Caitlin LeBlanc, Jeovana Almeida, Kiely Quinn, Michael Escobar, Rachel Newman, Sara Tesh, Tatiana Marquez, Tom Quigley | Lynn MA | Doc | Raw Arts Works | BOSTON PREMIERE

Is an empty house a home?


Alyssa Abreu, Moises Vargas & Anisa Hamilton |NYC | Doc | Maysles Documentary Center

The despairing effect of one woman's addiction on two families.


THE ART COLLECTOR (5 min) | MICROSOFT | THE ART COLLECTOR | Saoirse Loftus-Reid | Lexington High School MA

Saoirse Loftus-Reid | Lexington MA | Doc

A mysterious woman uses her ability to live in paintings to influence artists for her art collection.

AWARDS: The Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards, Lexington MA; MA Regional Silver Key Award; A-Town Teen Video Contest, Arlington MA

EBI SUSHI (6 min) | MICROSOFT | UNDOCUMENTARY | Karla Cortes | Somerville MA

Karla Cortes | Somerville MA |Doc | SCATV YOUTH PROGRAM

A Latino restaurateur’s challenges of being recognized as a major player in the sushi world.

AWARDS: A-Town Teen Video Contest, Arlington MA

Best of Festival Short Student Category.png


Brooke Anderson, William Coles, Katia Crawford, Marc Cruise, Jayla Elliott, Joelle Faison, Kailah Hall, Michelle Hill, Eric Hunter, William Mitchell, Sama Muhammad, Ade Ogunshina, Eva Ojekwe, Brian Thompson, Ayanna White | Baltimore MD | Doc | Wide Angle Youth Media | BOSTON PREMIERE

In Spring 2017, high school students investigated the cycle of violence in Baltimore, searching for real-world strategies to prevent violence from escalating among their peers and their communities. This powerful documentary provides insight into the ways young people are challenging dominant narratives and seeking peaceful, de-escalating methods of conflict resolution.



Radheya Jegatheva | Australia | Experimental | USA PREMIERE

A film that explores the relationship between man and technology told from the perspective of a phone.

BLACK & WHITE (10 min)

Kunga Choephel, Zola Gray & Asa Spellman | NYC | Doc | Maysles Doc Center | WORLD PREMIERE

Tracie's journey through her childhood in a unique family.


Shuyi Wang | Boston MA | Doc

Dragon boat racing began over 2,000 years ago on the rivers of China. Today, dragon boat festivals and races are celebrated around the world. This film follows a team of cancer survivors, known as the Wellness Warriors of MA as they use this ancient sport as an unconventional path to wellness.

Official Selection: HUA International Short Film Festival

Reception following at the Fox Library with a moderated conversation lead by Emerson College film students, Nuria Pellicer, Nicolas Thilo-McGovern, and Shuyi Wang. | interview | 

Saturday, October 28, 12:00 pm


VOICES OF OUR YOUTH: Student Filmmakers Program (120 mins)


AIFF, now in its seventh year of production continues to grow student filmmaker submissions from around the world, introducing audiences both young and mature to subject matter ranging from pure entertainment and fantasy to commentary on social, economic and political issues of our time.

Special thanks to our sponsors of the Student Filmmaker Program: ACMi,,, Kumon, Malden Media Center, and to RCN, the Gold Sponsor of the Festival.

The VOICES OF OUR YOUTH in Arlington, MA converge this year with the voices of youth across the country and from Australia, Canada, China, India, Mexico, Netherlands, and Portugal. Watching High School student films is a process of discovery. Come, sit back, and wait for the unexpected; i.e. shorts addressing social justice, fictional exploration, depression, equality for women, disabilities, relationships, and artistic aspirations.  

Journey | Radheya Jegatheva | 8 min | Nar/Animation | 2016 | Australia | USA PREMIERE

Two astronauts lost in space, become star-crossed lovers and together set-off on an epic journey to “find home”. (Astronauts and space imaginary edited and animated from NASA image archive.) 


Freerunner | Michael Escobar | 4 min | Doc | 2016 | Raw Arts Works | Lynn, MA

A boy struggles with depression, and his only way to fight it is to get from Point A to Point B as fast as possible.

Think About It | Jade Yilmazoglu | 1 min | Nar | 2017 | Netherlands | WORLD PREMIERE

A commentary on the disconnect of accepting refugees seen through the eyes of teenagers.

They Should get out of here Still (1).jpg

 Circus Klown | Karson Monger | 3 min | Animation | 2016 | Light House Studio | Charlottesville, VA WORLD PREMIERE

Hand drawn animation depicting a circus leader attempting to work with a group of clumsy clowns.

Circus Klown Still.jpg


Best Narrative Short

Rosa | Roni Polsgrove | 12 min | Doc | 2017 | ICA | Boston, MA

With Charles, the snobby leader of the male-dominated robotics team, and Nancy, the mother who she cannot connect with, Rosa struggles to follow her passion for science.

ROULETTE H. S 1 still.png

Roulette | Jonathan Vogel | 3 min | Experimental | 2017 | Arlington, MA | WORLD PREMIERE

A man finds himself in an unknown location face to face with another. A nonconsensual game of Russian Roulette ensues while the victim searches for a way to escape.


Junior | Lucy Bent | 5 min | Doc | 2017 | CCTV Youth Media Program | Cambridge MA

Local dancer and choreographer, Junior Cius talks about his motivations as an artist. Created as part of a series of video profiles focusing on young entrepreneurs and community leaders from Cambridge.

After Freddie Gray: What Now? | Victor Able, Tayvon Cole, Katia Crawford, William Mitchell, Niajea Randolph, and Kailah Hall, Directors | 10 min | Doc | 2016 | Wide Angle Youth Media | Baltimore, MD  

An exploration into the uprising in response to Freddie Gray's death and its impact on youth. Hear from different voices about what is being done in Baltimore in the aftermath to provide support.

Best Narrative Short

Loop | Stephen Gentry, Ryan Beard & Eli Hall | 7 min | Nar | 2016 | Light House Studio Charlottesville, VA | WORLD PREMIERE

Exploration of the near future when virtual reality machines have been banned, spawning a dangerous and alluring black market.

Loop Still.jpg

Dear Mon and father.png

Dear Mom and Dad | Jelina Liu | 2 min | Nar | 2017 | Bay Area Video Coalition | San Francisco, CA

A girl apologizes to her parents for losing herself and makes a promise to reconnect with her roots.


#WhatPianoDistrict | Annmarie Soba | 8 min | Doc | 2016 | Maysles Doc Center | NYC | WORLD PREMIERE

A teenage girl reacts in outrage as her South Bronx neighborhood begins the process of gentrification.


Soul Mates | Jack Charles and Beatrice Jackson | 4 min | Doc | 2017 | ICA | Boston, MA

A romantic comedy with shoes! 

Bronx-Based | Jaidey Alvarez | 17 min | Doc | 2016 | Maysles Doc Center | NYC | WORLD PREMIERE

A portrait of a young creative seeking inspiration in the most artistically deprived borough in New York City- the Bronx.


Love, your daughter | Elaine Li | 2 min | Nar | 2017 | Bay Area Video Coalition | San Francisco, CA

A Chinese-American learns to deal with the pressures of having immigrant parents with high expectations. She learns to balance their expectations and her own goals for the future.

What Are Your Desires? | Jose Cana | 4 min | Experimental | 2016 | Florida Film Institute | Miami, FL

The human desire to connect, to be included, can come in the simplest of forms…water!

Germ | Ryan Beard, Stephen Gentry, Zach Phillips, Nathan Ridings | 5 min | Nar | 2016 | Light House Studio | Charlottesville, VA | WORLD PREMIERE

The adventure of a germaphobe’s who must step out into the world for the sake of technology. Winner of the Audience Award and Best Actor Award in the 2016 Adrenaline Project Competition.

Germ Still.jpg

You Mean the World to Me | Sarah White | 6 min | Doc | 2017 | ICA | Boston, MA

Delve into the mind of Rose as she struggles to escape from a painful relationship.

Best Animation Short

Washed Away.png

Washed Away | Madysen Yamamoto and Marina Kyle | 2 min | Animation | 2017 | Bay Area Video Coalition | San Francisco, CA

Madysen and Marina show why it's important to recognize history.

Mirror | Sara Eustaquio | 4 min | Nar | 2016 | Portugal

She’s young. She’s in trouble. She’s starring in the mirror looking for answers and what she is about to find out can change her life

Best of Festival Short

Roll Call.JPG

Roll Call | Ben Reingold | 10 min | Doc | 2016 | Sharon, MA | WORLD PREMIERE

With her physical disability, a high school girl realizes she’ll need more than her voice to succeed as a member of an A Capella group. 



The Art of Filming & The Engine of Change: Inspire – Build & Create a Better Tomorrow

The YOUTH Arlington International Film Festival (AIFF) is announcing its “Call for Student filmmaker’s Entries”. In keeping with our desire to promote local artists, the organizers of the Festival would like to invite local student film makers to submit their shorts.  Part of AIFF’s mission is to nurture the next generation of filmmakers within our community. We welcome your submissions. 

The Arlington International Film Festival

October 26 - 29, 2017

Film Categories: Shorts - 30 min or less

·         Narrative

·         Documentary

·         Animation

·         Experimental

 Submission Deadline: May 31, 2017

 Submission Deadline: May 31, 2017

 Age Requirement: Students must be under 18 years of age and enrolled in high school

  Submission Fees: Waived for High School filmmakers

 Entry Forms & Release Forms: Forms can be downloaded from our website,

 Mail Forms & DVD’s: AIFF, 350 Mass Ave, #160, Arlington, MA 02474   and/or and/or ( – Vimeo or YouTube Link

We look forward to many interesting and artistic!


Mission Statement:  To foster appreciation for different cultures by exploring the lives of people around the globe through independent film — to nurture the next generation of filmmakers within our community.


THANK YOU so much to ALL! 

As we prepare to enter into the Thanksgiving and Holiday season, the Arlington International Film Festival would like to express our gratitude to all our sponsors, judges, volunteers, organizations, partners, high school students, musician, viewers, followers and indie filmmakers around the world that partner with us to produce this annual festival.                

We are grateful to be part of Arlington and the greater Boston community and it is our pleasure to bring cultural, educational and social events to our community. Wishing you all Happy Holidays and...   

We look forward to seeing you in 2017!




William Leon, Director | Narrative | 2015 | California | CA  

William Leon | Attached At The Soul | Winner of Glidecam Camera | H.S Short Best Of Festival | 2016

William Leon | Attached At The Soul | Winner of Glidecam Camera | H.S Short Best Of Festival | 2016


A film about the bond between two kind souls of different backgrounds. It begins when they first met, charts their meaningful journey, and ends with their departure from this world, together. The film promotes friendship, diversity, equal rights, compassion, love and acceptance.  



Marylyss Merida, Director | Doc | 2015 | Lynn | MA

Best Documentary

Marylys Merida

Marylys Merida

A woman opens up about her struggles and how her hard work manifested into her life’s accomplishments. According to AIFF Judge, Michael Mahin, "Todo tiene su tiempo" has been chosen as Best Doc for its simplicity, its technical efficiency, and its pertinent message. “In an age of growing anti-immigrant sentiment, the film acts as an important reminder that these are people, families, human beings who we are discussing. Without pretension or artifice, "Todo tiene su tiempo" explores what it means to make a new home in a new place with those closest to us.”     

 TEACH ME FISH ( 10 min)

Asa Minter, Director | Narrative | 2016 | Arlington | MA 

Best Narrative

A lonely boy obsessed with geology gets more than he asks for when he goes out on one of his daily rock hunts. Kevin Wetmore, AIFF Judge, speaks about the film; “It tells a cohesive visual story and is also very funny and likable. All of the performances work well, especially that of the alien visitor. The sound production, sound editing, and music choices all work wonderfully. The cinematography is also a highlight. All the shots seem carefully composed and there is a consistent style throughout the film. Overall this film is an accomplishment to be proud of, and the filmmakers should not hesitate to create new work.”  


 I DON'T NEED YOU ( 4 min)

Alyssa Peguero, Director | Experimental | 2015 | Lynn | MA

Best Experimental

A girl who grew up without her father writes a letter about her deepest and most sincere feelings about him. "With simple but elegant camerawork and effective voice-over narration, 'I Don't Need U' subtly but powerfully underscores the primordial bond between parent and child - and the pain that can be caused by the absence of this bond," said Michael Mahin.     Director - Alyssa Peguero


A Way Out (3 min)

Ayanna Marte, Director | Experimental | 2015 | Massachusetts

The way dance makes your heart go boom, boom, boom.

Breath (3 min)

Sara Test, Director | Experimental | 2015 | Massachusetts & Group POV Massachusetts

Drowning in the stress of a busy life, a girl remembers the beauty of her experiences to keep herself above water in this visual poem.

Colour (2 min)

Taryn Birkett, Director | Experimental | 2015 | Canada

Self-portrait of a young woman of mixed race.

Dancing Machine (3 min)

Linwood Giles III, Director | Experimental | 2016 | Massachusetts

A dancer tells his story through motion against the background of Boston. 

Electric Love (3 min)

Isaac Eliot, Megan Faretta, Micah Richardson, Ethan Crain and Akai Fitzpatrick, Directors | Experimental | 2016 | Massachusetts

A man has a great relationship with his IPhone. What happens when he gets too close? 

Fruition to Frustration (2 min)

Angaer Arop, Director | Experimental | 2015 | Canada

Self-exploration of color expressed poetically.

The Great Robbing of Randall Cobb (15 min)

Lorenzo Rugerio, Director | Narrative | 2016 | Massachusetts

Two high schoolers attempt to rob the school teacher's pet when they discover he's selling illegal substances. However, like all great heists, it does not go as planned...

Livin the Lies (11 min)

Annmarie Soba, Director | Narrative | 2015 | Maysles Doc Center NY

An unflinching portrait of a conflicted Jamaican teenager struggling to be true to himself.

Magical (8 min)

Jack Kelly, Liam Mulcahy, Lizzy Embick, Alayna D'Amico, Taryn Osborne, Directors | Narrative | 2015 | Canada

When Will can't seem to get a girlfriend, his fairy godmother decides to help. Sure enough, wacky hijinks follow. But, when push comes to shove, can Will manage to win the heart of Anna while keeping his friendship with his fairy godmother intact?

Park Bench (3 min)

Thaisha Belis, Jack Eliot, Beatrice Jackson, Danajae Jones, Paul Vekiarides and Johnathan Yannis, Directors | Experimental | 2016 | Massachusetts

A man with a special gift finds a piece of himself in one the strangest places.

The Tree of Me (2 min)

Elee Stalker, Director | Experimental | 2015 | Canada

Self-portrait expressed metaphorically.

AIFF is pleased to feature a film from this year’s Harvard College Film Festival that will be screened at the Student Filmmaker’s Program.

The Flag ( 17 min)

Tyler Parker, Director | Doc | 2015 | 

Best Documentary - Best Direction (Documentary) -  Best Editing (Documentary) - Best Sound Editing (Documentary)


In the summer of 2015, a gunman killed nine black parishioners in a Bible study at Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC, blowing open the doors to conversations of race, rage, and reconciliation across the state. The Flag, made during the director's junior year of undergraduate studies, documents those conversations under the shadow of the Confederate Flag flying high in front of the South Carolina State Capitol Building in Columbia, SC.


The Arlington International Film Festival would like to thank the Judges for jurying this year’s High School Filmmakers Competition. They are Michael Mahin (Writer, Film Critic, and Marketing Coordinator for special events at the Arlington Center for the Arts), Kevin Wetmore (Filmmaker & Youth Coordinator at ACMi), Jonathan Barbato (Production Manager at ACMi), and Naythen Lowe (Editor and creator of the DIYDS).  

On behalf of the Organizers and Judges of AIFF, we congratulate all those who submitted their films this year. The Judges were incredibly impressed with the breadth and diversity of material submitted. Each film combined technical excellence with a strong sense of place and character and each filmmaker should be proud of the film they submitted. We encourage you to keep on making films!

Partners: ACMi, Kumon, Glidecam Industries, Inc, WGBH, CyberLink, CineSend,, MB

October 27-30 | Capitol Theatre | Arlington MA



JORDAN (9 min)
Katie Russel, Director | Raw Art Works | MA |7 min
AIFF Best Of Festival

An intimate view of family life when an autistic teenager returns home for a visit from a residential care facility.

Katie Russel is a student at Raw Art Works: Real to Reel Film School where her passion for film was ignited. She would like to pursue film in the future, both as a potential profession and most definitely as a hobby. She hopes her films will be able to make a difference, as “cliché as that sounds, I really love documentaries. They make you think about important issues, and sometimes they challenge your views or beliefs. I think that’s really important.”

QUEEN (2 min)
Arvonne Patterson, Director | Madison Park Technical Vocational High School | Roxbury, MA USA
Best High School Narrative

A short visual poem addressing female empowerment

Arvonne Patterson was born and raised in Dorchester, MA. She is currently a senior at Madison Park Technical Vocational High School in Roxbury, MA. QUEEN was among the finalists in the 2014 Adobe Youth Voices Awards Finalist, a global, online competition that encourages youth to creatively express their vision for driving positive change in local communities. It’s an extension of Adobe Foundation’s philanthropic commitment and its global signature program, Adobe Youth Voices, which aims to ignite creative confidence in youth around the world by empowering them to find their voice and make it heard.


Joshua Tebeau, Director | Poland
Best High School Documentary

“How do you live after surviving the Holocaust?” was the question posed to those that Joshua interviewed.  The film weaves a collection of stories into a single narrative and answers this question in engaging and intimate dialogue.

Joshua Tebeau, originally from Poland is currently a student at Deerfield Academy, Deerfield, MA. He conceived of this story as an 8th grader upon meeting child survivors of the Holocaust who spoke at his school. This is his first film originally envisioned as an 8 min short and evolved into a 27 minute film after editing numerous interviews and 40 hours of footage.


LUMINOSITY (4.45 min)
Alexia Salingaros, Director | San Antonio, TX USA
Best High School Animation

In a fast-deteriorating world, a lonely hero must join together with an unlikely crew of misfits to uncover the secret needed to save their dying civilization.

Alexia Salingaros is a high school filmmaker from San Antonio, Texas who has developed her passion for creating films since the seventh grade. She has had the honor of screening her films at SXSW, Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, and most recently was awarded “Best High School Filmmaker" at SAFILM.


INHABITED (1.13 min) 
Alexia Salingaros, Director |San Antonio, TX USA
Best High School Experimental

Sometimes the hardest traps to break free from are the ones we create for ourselves.

Alexia Salingaros is a high school filmmaker from San Antonio, Texas who has developed her passion for creating films since the seventh grade. She has had the honor of screening her films at SXSW, Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, and most recently was awarded "Best High School Filmmaker" at SAFILM.



THE QUEST FOR US | Youth Breaking Borders | NY, USA | Documentary| 14 min

Directors: Marcia Roy & Pavina Safarova, Abdoul Akanji, Maxner Brisson, Marvin Brunache, Adam Czimer, Charles Canario, Ivanna Vatamanyuk, Elmer Escobar, Nikolett Jakab, Timea Nick, Yara Barbosa, Rojelio Mack & aira Canto.

INVISIBLE PEOPLE | Demas Gunter, Director | TX, USA |Documentary | 3 min

GALATEA |Christine Yee, Director | Press Pass TV | M, USA | Animation | 3 min

V. THE GREAT PERFORMER| Youth Breaking Borders | NY, USA | Documentary | 10 min
Directors: Abdoul Akanji, Charles Canario, Danissa Santos, Eduardo Enciso, Hatim Mohamed, Ivanna Vatamanyuk, Jeremy Franklin, Pierre Louis Junior, Marvin Brunache, Maxner (MB) Brisson   

DEAD ARTIST| Simon Davenport, Director | ICA | MA, USA | Experimental | 5 min

2x4 | Ismael Diallo, Director | ICA | MA, USA |Narrative | 4 min

THE TEST | Liam Sanderson, Director | UK | Narrative | 9 min

MAD WORLD | Fanisleidy Martin, Director| FL, USA |Narrative |9 min

SMALL TOWN DREAMS | Jade Leblanc-Ernest, Director | TX, USA | Documentary | 5 min

PUNCH GIRLS | Georgina Williams, Director | MA, USA | Narrative | 2 min  

ESCAPE VELOCITY | James Tralie, Director | PA, USA | Narrative | 4 min

GARAGE BAND | Ben Crocker, Director | MA, USA | Narrative | 12 min

ADVENTURES OF MALIA | Shubhavi Arya, Director | India |12 min